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We feel and understand, the need to adapt to the new norm today. So does the restaurant business. Restaurant businesses must update or upgrade the way they operate and how the customer can engage with them, at the same time ensure cost is keep to a minimum.

A point of sale (POS) system is what most restaurant already use and it works well. Does it help with sales? not really. That's why a restaurant owner need our Restaurant Solutions. Our Restaurant Solutions not only including POS system, but also powerful features to boost your sales, a gorgeous looking eCommerce website and App!

Solutions We Offer

Throug out this program, DEWA Solutions will provide free hosting, website design, development and maintenance.

#1 Gorgeous Website

A .com domain cost RM53 (include tax) for a year. Choose your domain and pay RM50 for one time only. We cover remains and future renew cost.

#2 POS System

We will register and integrate ToyyibPay payment gateway to enable websites receiving payment to their own account directly, securely, and systematically.

#3 Ordering System

Every time we earn payment from our projects, 25% will be contributed to selected random websites from this CSR Program.

#4 Android App

Both domain and hosting need to be renewed yearly. We at DEWA Solutions will cover all of the costs as long as we are in business. (pray for us!)
Pleas contact us if you want or know any entity that need and suitable to joint DEWA Solutions CSR Program. Listed below are some of our honored participants.

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DEWA Solutions is a dynamic , small agile team that provide digital based solutions at finest quality.
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