Other than developing solutions for our clients,
DEWA Solutions also proactively contribute to the public by design and develop products and services either for free or with competitive fees rates.

CSR Websites - Free for NGOs, Orphan and Tahfiz School
We run CSR projects, where we provide website services and help share their info.
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HostDEWA - domain and hosting provider at VVIP service level
We work with our strategic partners to provide reliable, secure, and hassle-free hosting services.
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Eduura - Online Marketplace for smarter deals that surprise you!
A new player in the market! Expand your marketing channel. Joint and start sell or buy easily and securely online.
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HasilTaniTernak - Listing Platform
FREE listing portal for Malaysian agropreneurs to market their produces at the best price!
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MudahKira - Listing and POS System
Listing for free or subscribe to our point of sale system at affordable friendly rates.
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…more innovative solutions to be produced.