January 19, 2020

CSR Projects

Mudah Kira (listing)
Initiatives to help entrepreneurs and generally, the consumers in finding information on restaurants, cafes, kiosks, booths and shops offering quality halal menus! Through its easy-to-use portal, DEWA Solutions provides a free listing service for entrepreneurs who indirectly assist in marketing their business. Please visit mudahkira.com.my for more information.

Hasil Tani Ternak (listing)
Modernization for all, excluding the fields of agriculture and farming. DEWA Solutions once again played a role and initiative in establishing the Malaysian agribusiness industry in particular by providing a free advertising/listing platform. With the introduction of this platform, it is hoped that entrepreneurs will expand the market and that consumers will have the opportunity to obtain raw materials directly from fresh sources at the best price. Visit hasiltaniternak.com for more information.

Madrasah & Tahfiz Website (services)
We believe that using a systematic and comprehensive website will help the management of madrasahs and tahfiz schools in Malaysia to operate better. Information is fully and easily accessible for public access. As such, DEWA Solutions offers a dedicated web site construction service for madrasah and tahfiz schools in Malaysia. At only RM60 / year for a domain name cost (free if you already have a domain name), we will provide free web hosting and website development services. Contact DEWA Solutions for more information on this offer. [View existing websites]